Sustainable Flowers in Wollongong

How Do We Provide Sustainable Flowers to Wollongong?

Are there any options for sustainable flowers in Wollongong? At Bella Floristry, the answer is an emphatic “yes!” When you want to communicate love, congratulations, condolences, and more, flowers are one of the best options you have. With our arrangements, you can express yourself and support the environment simultaneously.

What You Should Know About Our Eco Flowers in Wollongong

Sustainability is not an easy feat to achieve in the floral industry. The status quo involves flying in flowers daily or weekly from around the world, after all. How do we live up to our promise to be an eco-friendly florist?

  • We’re a part of the “grown, not flown” movement. Typical floristry involves a large amount of waste, with stockpiled flowers that may sit for days before finally going into an arrangement for someone’s gift. At Bella Floristry, we rely on more local options for ethical flowers in Wollongong from Australian growers, and we source flowers to order – so you or your recipient can always enjoy the freshest arrangements possible.
  • We never rely on floral foam for transporting our flowers. As part of our efforts to be a very sustainable florist for Wollongong, we believe in avoiding unnecessarily wasteful products. Floral foam may be good at hydrating flowers, but it’s also non-biodegradable. Rather than introduce more of this material into landfills everywhere, we opt to send flowers as they are when you order a bouquet.
  • Not every arrangement will arrive exactly as pictured online due to variances in the seasonal availability of the flowers we prefer to use. Due to our reliance on local resources, especially endemic wildflowers, we may make substitutions where necessary to present a beautiful arrangement.
  • We use a variety of upcycled materials to present our flowers attractively, such as hessian for wrapping and recycled paper for message cards. It’s easy to see why we stand out – we’re 100% committed to being an eco-florist for Wollongong.

Enjoy a local resource for flowers that doesn’t tax our planet.

The Benefits of Sustainable Gifts in Wollongong from Bella Floristry

Did you know we also focus on eco-friendliness in areas other than our flowers? We provide a range of gifts from sustainable sources, so you can:

  • Participate in and support your local economy. We aren’t purchasing gifts from big bulk stores or faceless wholesalers; we interact directly with local artisans and creators to provide their goods for sale. Give a luxurious sugar scrub, a bottle of wine, or even let them indulge in decadent fudge – we make it easy to add to your order for delivery.
  • Enjoy a resource for gift-giving all year round that’s always guilt-free. The sustainable nature of our flower procurement practices and our local connections for gifts enable us to provide a service that is as low-waste as possible. We provide next-day delivery of flowers and gifts but opt not to provide same-day delivery so we can offer a fresher and less wasteful experience.
  • We make it easier to enhance the impact of flowers with a gift and a card that shares a few heartfelt words. By offering a variety of gifts, plus unique plant options aside from flowers such as succulents, Bella Floristry’s services are suitable for any occasion. No matter the weather outside, it’s always easy to brighten up someone’s day with one of our arrangements.

About Bella Floristry

Locally owned and family-operated, Bella Floristry is a labour of love borne out of a passion for the natural beauty of our area. After recognising the need for a more sustainable solution for flowers in our area, we opened our doors to share our passion for stunning seasonal arrangements with everyone. Explore our options and place an order today, or call us for questions.