There isn’t a more pleasant way to brighten up a space than with a colourful representation of flora. A single bouquet, big or small, can really liven up an environment between four walls. Improve the ambience and encourage positivity by recognising people’s subconscious response to your environment. 

Bella Floristry provides a regular supply service that can be catered to suit any budget. Contact us for a quote today!

  • Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly vase arrangement for your reception area
  • Customer bouquets upon sale
  • Christmas Hampers for customers and staff
  • Staff gifts for birthdays or special events
  • For Lease and For Sale real estate vase displays
  • and more!

Order Corporate Flowers in Wollongong Through Bella Floristry

Adding corporate flowers in Wollongong is the perfect addition to any receptionist area. Bella Floristry carries a beautiful array of corporate bouquet options that help to improve the aesthetics of your office environment.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Corporate Bouquets in Wollongong

Unfortunately, it’s easy to take missteps when you are planning to order a corporate bouquet for your office. We always suggest that you try to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Set a delivery schedule: To remove the risk of going a week without a flower delivery, we recommend that you coordinate with our team to arrange for an automatic weekly delivery of your corporate bouquet.
  • Colours: It’s critical that when you are selecting colours for your office bouquet, you do so with care. Although corporate bouquets all add a unique touch to your space, selecting the wrong colours for the arrangement can make it stand out in a way that isn’t appealing to the eye. For example, if the primary colour of your office is dark blue, you may want to stay away from ordering a mainly pink bouquet.
  • Placement: Many customers mistakenly believe that the best place to put your corporate bouquet is on your receptionist’s desk. While this type of placement improves the chances of your flowers being seen, it can also make it difficult for clients to see your receptionist when they come in. Instead, opt to place your flowers on a corner table or in the middle of your welcome area.

Related Services We Provide as a Corporate Florist in Wollongong

Our company is proud to offer services in connection with our options for corporate bouquets in Wollongong. A few examples include:

  • Hampers: If you need a unique gift for someone special, we recommend you look through our line of hampers. Our Flower Hamper is one of our best sellers and comes not only with a lovely arrangement of flowers but incorporates great add-ons including a bottle of Chardonnay, a coffee flavour Lucerna sugar scrub and doughnut flavour jam.
  • Plants and succulents: Are you interested in sending a gift that will last longer than a bouquet? Our plants and succulents are a fantastic solution. Our Calathea Plant Gift is a beautiful choice and comes with the option to pick out different types of pots as well as the flexibility to add a bottle of wine.
  • Delicious goodies: Our selection of gifts is not just limited to flowers. We also have options for treats including fudge, chocolate barks, soy candles and sugar scrubs. Our company has partnered with Roselea Vineyard, for their assortment of delicious wines. Learn more about your available options.

Why Trust Bella Floristry Regarding Corporate Flowers in Wollongong

The Bella Floristry team is here to cater to your floral needs. As an experienced corporate florist in Wollongong with over 10 years of corporate operating experience, we understand the importance of adhering to your arrangement preferences to ensure that your office stays bright and vibrant with beautiful flowers. Trust in Bella Floristry to deliver an elegant, professional experience to each customer.

Do you have questions about our bouquet options? Send us a message using our contact page.